• P.O.BOX Management

    P.O.BOX Management is a service that offers the user a possibility to receive all the incoming mail items from his P.O.BOX (either a company or an individual P.O.BOX) to the desired address/location (either the company or home location). By utilizing the service, the user will save time and money by leaving the professionals handling the everyday delivery. All the mail items will be delivered to the designated address within 24 hrs of them reaching the P.O.BOX.
    This service is available in United Arab Emirates.

  • DirectMAIL

    DirectMAIL is a service offered to users that have a need to send an urgent document/parcel from their location directly to the hands of the recipient, within 24 hrs or less. The service includes the collection of the said item from the sender and its delivery directly to the hands of the recipient (by obtaining a proof of delivery).
    This service is available in United Arab Emirates.

  • Inter Office Document Exchange

    Inter Office Document Exchange is a service specially designed for users that have more than one location/branch, but still have the need to exchange various documents, paperwork, statements etc. between those locations. CityMAIL can organize a daily pick up/delivery schedule between such locations, at a precisely determined time and place, or even assign a special courier only for such needs, thus improving on the existing network capabilities and producing additional cost savings in the process.
    This service is available in United Arab Emirates.

  • HybridMAIL

    HybridMAIL is a service that offers the user a chance to approach a wide base of potential clients with his marketing material and special offers. Using the vast CityMAIL database, we have the sufficient information in targeting specific industry sectors, decision makers etc. and helping the users material reach the intended and interested clientele. CityMAIL can also provide the printing and enveloping of such material, besides the delivery process alone.
    This service is available in United Arab Emirates

  • Mailroom Management

    Mailroom Management is a service designed for big corporate users that have a huge flow of inbound and outbound mail items coming and going from their premises on daily basis. CityMAIL has the know-how to improve those processes through state of the art designed software solutions and by employing highly trained mailroom operators. We can improve the existing efficiency, reorganize the network, provide in house delivery systems, maximize the output target and, of course, optimize the existing cost and reduce it.
    This service is available in United Arab Emirates.