Can you imagine your home city without a single homeless person? Can you imagine that road signs and airport billboards suggest to all the arriving visitors that your home city has 0% homelessness?

There’s no bigger misery than to be in a position of those people. Think for yourself, how incommoding is for you when your household is left without electric energy for an hour or more? Remember how inconvenient is to stay without running water, due to some maintenance work, for just one morning. Now imagine that someone took off the roof of your house and left you unprotected to all the climate surprises from above? Sounds horrible, right? And then imagine that there are millions people around the globe that would like to live that way, because the life conditions that they are living are so much worse.
Guided by the idea of ”think globally, act locally”, CityMAIL raised a Foundation named Homelessless city (Home(less)2 city). The idea is to move all the homeless people from the streets of the cities where CityMAIL is present. But not to move them to some shelters where their disappointment in life won’t be cured, because it’s not in human nature to be happy with the fact that you’re a burden to somebody; but to move them from the margins of society into an integrated life in community.

How we can do that? First of all by the plan not only to house them, but to give them a job as well. Foundation will construct homes for them, but at the same time, integrate them in working processes of CityMAIL group. We at the CityMAIL have that opportunity, unlike some other companies, that diversification of working positions in our system allows us to integrate and give a working position to any person, from analphabet to highly educated. We’re lucky enough to have that as an input to this Foundation.
We also have the luck to see CityMAIL having business relations with both: city governments and biggest multinational companies and banks in the cities where we operate. They will be the pillar of our foundation.
We expect cities to be cooperative with helping us with all the activities regarding finding a land and helping us to fast overcome bureaucracy and other obstacles for foundation homes construction.

We are going to contribute Foundation in three levels:

  • CityMAIL will donate 2% of each monthly net service charge of every one of our clients willing to participate in our Foundation. Each client willing to participate in foundation will donate additional 1% upon our net service monthly charge to the Foundation. That makes 3% in total.
  • CityMAIL will provide a job to every single person in the Foundation process, based upon their capabilities and general conditions.
  • CityMAIL is going to put all of our management, operation and logistic sources to the Foundation service.

Foundation is run from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a city that has no homeless population. Symbolically, we want to copy this situation from Dubai to all of the cities that we are as CityMAIL, active in.
We’ll give our best to achieve that.