CityMAIL was founded in Sount East Europe and we have more than 10 years of experience in providing mail management services to some of the biggest companies around.

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CityMAIL in Hungary

CityMAIL in Hungary

Based on a more than 10 years of worldwide experience, and unique know how in postal management business, CityMAIL Hungary Kft. is a proud owner of NMHH announcement number PT/60.576-4/2013 from 13.10.2013. concerning registered mail delivery, and the only holder in Hungary of postal

CityMAIL in Russia

CityMAIL added Moscow as another city on our map. We are proud owners of postal license No. 93098 from 03.11.2011. issued by the Ministry of Communication and Mass Information.

CityMAIL in Qatar

CityMAIL is establishing a company in Qatar, encouraged by dialogue with the delegation from Qatar Post, led by Q-Post CEO Abdul Rahman Al Aqaliy.


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